Stop Giving Away Your Tee Times! Our Tee Sheet doesn't devalue your rates.

You'd be surprised by how much money your golf course is losing.

Posted by Jarrette Schule on June 22, 2018

The top 4 reasons why your tee sheet is terrible

So you want some "free" software and you want to be featured on one of the big booking engines. Who can blame you? All you have to do is give a couple tee times to a friendly corporation. Sounds pretty great.

But let's unpack this.

  1. Golfers are being trained to never pay full price again. When shopping for a day of golf, your customers eyes are going straight to the "hot tee time" and now your previously reasonable green fee looks like lunacy. You are, in effect, devaluing your own tee times.
  2. You're giving away tee fees! Add it up. A typical bartering golf course gives away 2 times (8 players) per day each weekday and 1 time per weekend day (4 players). That means your course is voluntarily giving away 2,080 weekday and 104 weekend tee fees per year. If your course averages $50 per player between weekend and weekday fees, that's $109,200 of revenue per course.
  3. Don't forget the 6.5%! GolfNow charges golfers a 6.5% convenience fee on EVERY tee time sold. That goes for discounted and non-discounted rates. Many courses now sell more than 70% of their reservations online. If your course does $2 million per year in tee fees, that's a whopping $94,900 per year per course.
  4. Golfers now shop horizontally. When some golfers want to play your course, the first thing they do is check if there are any hot tee times available for the day they want to play. If there aren't, they check the course down the street from you. These are pure losses. You are literally losing a golfer that would have spent money on their tee time, beer, snacks, and merchandise. It's hard to put a number on this loss, but it's huge.

The Solution

TenFore is an all-in-one golf management platform. It includes a tee sheet, booking engine, management portal, bev cart POS, pro shop POS, and restaurant POS. Our platform is cutting edge and is built around the idea that your software should be SIMPLE TO USE. Every app is mobile and in the cloud.

Plus, we don't take a single tee fee away from you and we don't charge the course to use our platform.

If you want to find out more about TenFore and how we are changing the golf business forever - click on the link below. We'd love to give you an online demonstration!