TenFore 'Squirrel' is golf's first mobile POS designed for bev carts.

Automate and simplify transactions out on the course

Posted by Jarrette Schule on May 16, 2018

The Problem

When you walk into a typical golf course facility, everything is computerized. The tee sheet, accounting system, pro shop POS, even the restaurant and bar - all on some sort of system to keep it straight. But the second a customer walks outside to actually play golf and order something from the bev cart? It's like your ported back in time. Back to a time when credit card numbers were written down on paper or carbon copied. This is a HUGE liablity for operators.

Some course operators battle this by using an out-of-the-box solution not designed for golf or just cobble something together from their existing system. These solutions lack the features that bev cart employees actually need. Time is also wasted when, at the end of their shift, cart employees have to manually enter their sales for the day into the club house POS. This is time that could be spent out on the course getting more sales or just being off the clock all together.

The Solution

TenFore Squirrel is a tablet based app that is specifically designed with the beverage cart in mind. Squirrel can keep track of cart inventory, has the ability for managers to review inventory counts, tracks cart location throughout the day, can mantain running tabs in the cloud, and even allows charging items to a club account. Every transaction is pre-authorized, even club account charges. All of this is done completely secure and in the cloud. The second a beer is sold, that transaction is visible in the TenFore web portal. Managers can run reports, track employee behavior, send messages to employees on the course, and a lot more - all in real time from any location.

If you're ready to check out Squirrel or any of TenFore's other golf management applications, click on the link below. We'd love to give you an online demonstration!